Waterfowling at its finest is the best way to describe this hunt. 

The early season finds us pursuing the local greater Canada geese and puddle ducks in the abundant grain and pea fields and

potholes in the area.  Mid-September thru the first of November, the Northern birds start moving in.  Specklebellies, Snows, Ross, Greater and Lesser Canada geese migrating in seemingly endless waves are a daily spectacle. Mix in the clouds of Mallards and Pintails that bombard the fields with reckless abandon, and you are experiencing a piece of Alberta’s parkland paradise.


The three day package price for your hunt is $3400.00


Our hunts are limited to 6-8 hunters, with no mixed groups to ensure

a quality hunt with abundant shooting opportunities.




A Waterfowler’s Dream

All hunting is done from comfortable blinds over a spread of quality decoys. Our guides are proficient callers that have years of waterfowling experience and do not shoot with the clients. The dogs are seasoned labs and a joy to watch work. Most shooting is done within twenty yards. 


Your mornings will be spent field hunting geese in pea, barley, or wheat stubble fields. After a short break for lunch and maybe a snooze, the afternoons bring duck hunting on one of the

numerous potholes or fields. You may also join your guide or one of the scouts on a trip to locate the hot field for the following day’s shoot.

Alberta has very liberal bag limits for waterfowl.  The dark goose limit is 8 birds/day which may include 5 white fronts, the light goose limit is 50 birds/day, and the duck limit is 8 birds/day, 8 of which may be pintails.  Possession limits are three daily bags.  Needless to say, you will need a large cooler to bring your birds home.

Nomad Adventures is offering three-day packages in Alberta this fall, starting September 1. Hunts will start on

Sunday evening, and you hunt Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, or they start on Wednesday evening, and you hunt Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  A total of 5 hunts are included. There are opportunities for some 4-day hunts throughout the season. The hunt cost is $4500.00 for a total of 7 hunts.  Please contact us for more details.


Our parkland hunts run during the months of September and October.  Upland hunting for Hungarian partridge, and sharptail grouse may also be available based on availability and season dates.


The hunt package includes: four nights lodging, all meals, all required federal and provincial licenses, bird processing, 5 world-class guided hunts, and 5% G.S.T. (Canada sales tax).


Not included are your airfare, transportation to and from Edmonton International Airport, staff gratuities, alcohol, and your favorite non-toxic shells, though there will be shells available for purchase during your hunt.